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The whole world as if helping you
Before going to sleep, for several past years now, I ask myself what did I manage to fulfill today and what’s my plans for tomorrow. I shall not go to sleep before I answer these two simple questions. I haven’t done enough, I’m telling myself, I’m angry with myself. How often do you angry with yourselves?

After I have graduated my university, a thought was born in my head – to work as a self-employed person. In time, this dream became my goal that I am ready to pursue until my dying day.

Dibte project is the first step on my way. I’ve been saving money for 6 months while I was working in a company. After I quit, I’ve been working on this project for another 6 months. I hope you will find it useful.

I want to help people in need. That is why I give a part of my incomes to charity. I want to help society gratuitously by implementing my ideas. And to do that, I have to be financially independent.

I love to work and the work loves me. I love to work in a team, take joint decisions, be grateful for successes together and accept failures with dignity. When you work alone, it is hard, no matter how great you are. I am always open for collaboration with like-minded people that are full of enthusiasm.

I am grateful for any help, a piece of advice or criticism.
Reach your goals no matter what and you will definitely reach success.

Best regards,
Slomchinskiy Bogdan
CEO, Dibte